All 4 Apricorns

Apricorns (Japanese: ぼんぐりのみ Bonguri Fruit) are a special fruit that is found in Apricorn Trees.

In times gone by, the only Poké Balls that existed were made from Apricorns, with the process used to create the Poké Balls being developed sometime between 700 and 400 years before the present day in all Pokémon canon.

Apricorns are dropped when you break the leaves on an Apricorn Tree. Apricorns are used to craft Poké Balls. There are four colors of apicorns.

Certain Colour Apricorns make certain Poké Balls.
  • Yellow, The Second Rarest, For Ultra Balls
  • Blue, The Second Most Common, For Great Balls
  • Red, The Most Common, For Poké Balls
  • Purple, The Rarest, For Master Balls
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