• Initial Release
  • Added 3 new mobs: Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle
  • Added Pokedex And Pokedex GUI
  • Added Taming
  • Now Pokemon will defend you from Hostile Mobs


  • Added Leveling( up to lvl 30 next update will be up to 100)
  • Added Rare Candies (You have to cheat to get them at the moment)
  • Added Statistics
  • Added Pokemon name tags and health bars
  • Leveling Speed was fixed


  • Added a ton more pokemon
  • Added pokeballs
  • Added evolution
  • fixed some things


  • fixed pokeball names
  • fixed name tags so it doesn't look like big pokemon ate them


  • PC added
  • healing station added
  • Pokemon faint
  • added more pokemon
  • added more pokeballs
  • added team rocket
  • pokedex has new uses
  • added apricorns
  • pokemon spawn on peaceful


Pokemobs evolution!!! v0

Pokemobs evolution!!! v0.3 teaser

PokeMobs Evolution v0.3 Teaser

Pokemobs update V0

Pokemobs update V0.2

PokeMobs Updare v0.2

Pokemobs Update v0.1

Pokemobs Update v0.1.5

Pokemobs Update v0.1.5

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